Ostarine (MK-2866)

Ostarine (MK-2866)

Unlike a decade ago, you can now order third party tested Ostarine (MK-2866) on the internet without the fear of receiving bunk products.

What a great time to be alive and lifting.

There’s also a marked improvement in the quality of information available online about SARMS.

People are logging data actively, backed by bloodwork as well as pictures which allows new users to get a great idea of what to expect from SARMS cycles.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of broscience still being peddled online and it’s important to be wary of such stuff.

Use Ostarine for cutting. Use LGD for bulks. Use RAD140 for recomps

Every time we read such threads, we want to scream out loud.

We have used Ostarine and RAD 140 for bulking. LGD-4033 for extreme cuts and have been amazed at what’s possible with these compounds.

Don’t get fooled by reading stereotype definitions that limit the use of these compounds.

Thought that Ostarine was only for bulks?

Here’s some insight into what you can expect from an Ostarine cycle.

It is a mild SARM that will take time to kick in

ostabolic dosage

First things first, do not expect dramatic changes when you start to use Ostarine. There is a reason why it is touted to be a mild SARM.

It takes time to kick in. Often, it will be three to four weeks before you start to notice the benefits.

Even when it does kick in, the results will not be as rapid as what you can get from Ligandrol, for example.

It will be a slow, steady push above your natty levels.

Your strength will go up

ostarine mk2866 for sale

The first difference that you will notice is an improvement in your strength. You will be able to go past your past 1RM and you will be able to add more plates to the bar. If you do cardio, your joints won’t get battered even if you stretch it a tad.

The extent to which the strength increases differs from person to person.

A rank newbie to bodybuilding will be able to cruise past his previous bests because that’s natty gains clubbed with a PED.

If you have been lifting for years and/or have used an anabolic steroid in the past, then you may not find the strength gains to be too obvious, particularly at low doses.

You will gain lean muscle mass

ostarine results before and after

Enobosarm has been clinically proven to increase lean body mass even at doses as low as 1mg/day.

So if you dose 7.5mg/day, which is a good starting dose for someone new to PEDs, or 12.5mg/day which seems to be the sweet spot for most people, it’s a given that you will gain lean body mass.

Again, the extent to which you may gain differs from person to person. Some people make dramatic gains, whilst others notice just a few lbs. of lean muscle gain from their cycle.

Nevertheless, if you follow a strict diet and lifting program even after you come off the cycle, it’s extremely likely that you can retain up to 75% of the gains that you make from the cycle.

That’s excellent, unlike something like LGD, which causes so much water retention that when you come off it, you tend to look deflated.

It is great for cuts but equally good for bulking

Enobosarm cycle

The ‘Osta for cuts’ theory possibly stems from the fact that it was originally developed by GTx Inc as a potential treatment for muscle wasting. And it is very effective in preventing the loss of lean muscle when you are eating in a calorie deficit.

But that does not make it a bad compound for bulking.

If you eat just at maintenance or a tad above it, watching your macros, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do a clean bulk with Ostarine. You will not look bloated and puffy.

Stick to a reasonable dose, like 12.5mg/day for the first four weeks and then bump it up to 15 or 20mg/day for the last four weeks.

Watch the dinner plate, lift, rest, rinse and repeat.

You will have pumps all day with enhanced vascularity

Thought that RAD 140 was the only compound that would make you look lean and vascular? Think again.

Enobosarm will give you pumps that last all day and there will be a visible increase in the vascularity.

A lot of users also experience fat loss. But that might be due to the reduced calorific intake and the enhanced muscle growth more than direct lipolysis.

The suppression will be severe

By week six or seven, Ostarine will start to suppress your endogenous testosterone levels.

Despite being labelled a mild SARM, many users have experienced extreme suppression on Ostarine.

In some users, their test levels dropped by as much as 70% in just 8-weeks.

When you do not have 70% of your natural endogenous testosterone levels, you begin to feel like shit.

Your confidence is low, your libido goes for a toss and you want to stay in bed all day. You’d find it impossible to hit the gym and lift like always.

So, it is very important to get bloodwork done before and after cycle. Check your LH, FSH and Test (Total and Free) levels.

If the suppression is very severe, you might want to consider using a mild dose of Nolvadex to help your body recover.

Else, your body ‘should’ recover on its own in a span of 4-6 weeks provided that everything else is in order and you do not have an underlying, undiagnosed condition that’s hampering your T production.

Other sides

Other than suppression, no other adverse effects have been noted in any of the clinical trials involving Ostarine.

However, anecdotally, people mention a mild pain in their testes during the earlier stages of treatment, difficulty falling asleep during the entire course of their cycles as well as sporadic episodes of joint pain.

None of these have been reported consistently though. So we’d attribute it to individuals as well as specific batches of the compound more than anything else.

Ostarine Review
  • Build Muscle
  • Lose Fat
  • Increase Strength
  • Boost Vascularity

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