Horticultural Therapy For Cancer

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The Horticultural Therapy (HT) program is a methodology offered for managing stress, reducing anxiety, and improving quality of life. Outdoor and indoor activity-based groups are held for Healing Garden clients, their families, and the public. Personalized programs for individuals can be arranged; the interests and abilities of anyone who wants to participate can be accomodated.

HT gardening activities provide the benefits of physical activity, socialization and team work, as well as a sense of control and satisfaction of being a part of something that everyone who visits the Healing Garden can enjoy. Indoor activities include seasonal appropriate projects using natural materials, many of which are gathered on-site.

Eight acres of gardens and woodlands surrounding the facility provide an invitation to connect with nature. Guided easy walks or sitting on a bench under a tree can encourage paying attention and awakening of the senses. Just "being present" in this beautiful environment provides an opportunity to discover the healing impact of nature.


You are a person, not a disease, and you can live well with cancer, and beyond. We are here to help you.

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