The Gardens

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When you pull off the road and head down the driveway into the woodland setting of The Healing Garden, stress lightens and healing begins. This feeling continues as you walk amid trees and past the beautiful landscape plantings that vibrate with color, bustle with pollinators and birds, or glisten with rain or snow.


Many windows look out to a stream, surrounded by beautiful plants and ending in a Koi pond, that invites you to the outdoor seating spaces. This area is visible to participants in the art and workshop room, clients relaxing in a treatment room, and support groups or others meeting in the Garden Room. If you have more time, you might walk around the adjacent eight-acre Virginia Thurston Garden, which gave so much solace and pleasure to the amazing woman for whom the garden was named.


The many gardens that surround The Healing Garden center have been carefully designed by professionals who have studied the development and creation of healing gardens around the world. The gardens have been lovingly installed and maintained, without harmful chemicals, by a group of volunteer Healing Gardeners. As stewards of the exquisite land that is central to The Healing Garden’s unique environment, the Healing Gardeners try to ensure that, whenever possible, funds donated to The Healing Garden work to support client services rather than landscape maintenance. The gardeners formally meet two to three times a year to plan for the upcoming season, set priorities, assign tasks, and monitor progress. The group includes professional landscapers and master gardeners, but most are garden enthusiasts or fans of The Healing Garden’s work with clients. No special skills or training are required to join the team. If you would like to learn more about the Healing Gardeners, click here.

You are a person, not a disease, and you can live well with cancer, and beyond. We are here to help you.

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