Our Environment

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The Healing Garden’s tranquil woodland and garden setting distinguishes it from most other care centers. As you approach the front door, your senses are awakened to: the color of the winterberry or blooming flowers; the sounds of birds or crickets or wind in the trees; the smells of pine and fresh air; and the touch of the soft grass that graces the entrance. A client is distracted from her cancer and engaged with the world around her.

The new design for the Sensory Garden — located behind The Healing Garden center — includes areas of edible plants, herbal tea plants, and plants with heady fragrances, as well as integration of many scientifically based best practices for healing gardens.

The gardens are all maintained with organic, sustainable techniques to make sure there is no risk to the compromised immune systems of some of our clients, and to prevent toxins from leaching into water supplies, increase the risk of future cancers. New plantings include a majority of native plants to attract and nourish birds and pollinators.

This emphasis on sensory appeal and environmentally conscious approaches extends inside the building, as well. The rooms use natural light, and the windows open to fresh air and the sounds of water splashing in the pond. Indoor plants help bring the outdoors in, goldfish in the lobby aquarium entertain waiting clients, and soothing water sounds create a calm oasis.


You are a person, not a disease, and you can live well with cancer, and beyond. We are here to help you.

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