Complementary and Alternative

Cancer Support Services

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Medical care focuses on a curative treatment plan, and our services are supportive of that care. THe Healing Garden center provides high quality, evidence based therapies in a magnificent healing environment, located on eight acres of lovingly created gardens on a wooded hillside in Harvard, Massachusetts. Here, without reminders of the disease and medical interventions, clients can begin treatments feeling calmer and more relaxed. Click here for a photo tour of our facility.

We offer:

  • mind-body medicine for relaxation and restoration of the body’s energy flow
  • education about choices that contribute to health, such as offerings on nutrition, stress management, and exercise
  • expressive therapies for self-expression and processing/releasing emotions
  • modalities that help clients regain control of their lives, both during and after medical treatments

For information about the kinds of services we offer and their contributions to healing click here.

To learn about current program offerings, please click here.


“ A breast cancer diagnosis is supremely disorienting. I suddenly experienced myself and the world as 'different' — at some new and alien remove from what had always been. Everyone at The Healing Garden gets that; there’s no need to act 'normal.' The staff and culture allowed me to explore, understand, and make peace with what was to be my 'new normal' — through, and beyond, the realities of cancer.”

Debra, former Healing Garden client

You are a person, not a disease, and you can live well with cancer, and beyond. We are here to help you.

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